This sector groups together surveys made necessary by various needs.
An evaluator intervenes for appraisals and surveys of any real estates.

After damage :
Water damage
Electrical damage
Defects, work damage
Legal protection

Estate protection
Real estate estimates (expropriation - sharing - sale)
Goodwill evaluation
Rent estimate (home-business)
New charges (prejudice)
Town planning
Asbestos diagnosis
His field of intervention for damages is related to :
Industrial breeding
Vegetable or fruit productions
The farm-produce industry
Directed temperature
But also :
Tenant farming
Farm leases in general
Agricultural property estimates
Our company is experienced in litigations related to goods damage due to carriers or not, both in the maritime and land fields.

Carried goods surveys are made by CESAM recommended transports average surveyors.
Setex consultancy regularly intervenes in the following fields :
Characterized accidents
Goods under directed temperature
Machine breakage
Navigation engine
Common average
Tank transports (liquids – food – chemistry – cement, and so on)
See pre-report template :
Il is essentially a matter of missions relative to litigations in which the public liability of a firm is called into question.

The legal knowledge of our collaborators are used so as to carry out missions efficiently.

The continuous exchange of information collected in the field with the opinion given by the legal department of companies enables to offer a better service.

Otherwise Setex consultancy intervenes within the context of legal survey assistance as well as technical consultant prior to procedure.
In this sector, missions are carried out according to litigation nature by specialized collaborators.
Fields of intervention :
Mechanical and electromechanical engineering,
Very low voltage (alarm, telephony),
Electronics and data processing,
Chemistry, especially pollution,
Agricultural mechanization,
Trading losses.