Mayors and other public communities needs

The mayors of all French towns are today confronted with many problems whether legal, environmental or concerning safety.

Experts traditionally advise and assist communities and public services both in rural environment and urban. Their competences and legal, agronomic knowledge or in the matter of town planning, enable them to make valuations and to perform their advisor function.

The expert works in close collaboration with mayors and helps them in many fields and particularly to :

Draw up a management plan for parks
Analyse the forest resources of a district,
Manage the risks of fire…

Assess estates at the time of real estates purchases,
Take part in drawing up a file on public inquiries,
Carry out an impact studies and local highways studies…

As agronomy consultant, meet the requirements due to the setting up of a protection area of drinking water harnessing…

Diagnose town mud impact on the environment and on the town soil,

Collaborate on contentious or amicable procedures of acknowledgement, identification and management of country roads, as well as procedures of country roads grading or downgrading, of disposal or drawing up of Walking Departmental Plans and of agreements signed with private owners.