Setex consultancy is an independent survey consultancy, created in 1979.

We are surveyors in goods transported, farm, landed properties and real estate appraisals.

For any removals, disturbance, constructions and defects, do not hesitate to call on our evaluators.

Setex is a recognized survey agency :
authorized by Insurance companies,
presence of a CESAM recommended sea transport average surveyor .
Firms, companies, mutual insurance companies, insurance companies, transport companies, town councils, private individuals…Do not wait until you note an outcome will be visibly unfavourable to your disputes : Resort to our services at the very beginning of your litigations.

We come out and follow you in your international and/or national disputes.

Our references are reliable, our means attractive and our communication tools effective.

Here are our assets: experience, professionalism, independence, mobility, availability and personalized services.
Ltd company with 96000 Euros capital – SIRET 351.876.024.00016 – APE 672 Z - INPI 99.776.925
Setex consultancy has several offices.

The Central secretary’office, which is based at the head office in Pont-Saint-Esprit is trained to :
receive missions,
interpret insurance policies,
manage files.

The head office makes contact with the different litigants concerned and dispatches our surveyors on the field according to jurisdiction and territoriality.
If necessary, our survey reports can be written in English.
All the missions that are entrusted to Setex consultancy, are accomplished by experts bound by a confidentiality obligation, which guarantees a perfect control of the technical quality of interventions and respect for an absolutely discretion.
Setex survey consultancy relies on a network of high expertise and a very wide range of experiences.

Our team is composed of :
6 chartered engineers,
1 investigator, graduated from UEDH, intervening on the whole national territory,
technicians, jurists, architects and veterinary surgeons.
Those different specialists are at your disposal to answer efficiently any survey in a large field.
With Setex surveys are possible seven days a week thanks to a network of people on duty capable of intervention within hours on the scene of the occurrence in any metropolitan departments.

A state of the art computerization enables to give back a report within 48 hours of acknowledgement and to send a final report within a month, except in case of special difficulty.