A regulated job

Independence :
The surveyor is independent from the administration, the public corporations, the banks, the insurance companies etc.

Liability :
The business third party insurance has been made compulsory, at the request of people in the trade.

Complementarity :
The surveyor can rely on a network of colleagues covering all specialities. He works in close collaboration with your lawyer, attorney, and chartered accountant.

A man with a practical background and a management adviser of his estate

Land law :
He can make studies about landed estate and rights incurred.
He knows local habits, rules applying to plantation distances, common ownership, water flow.
He helps you at the time of negotiations or litigations with neighbouring owners.

Property valuations :
He carries out valuations of built-up and non built-up immovable properties, business premises, industrial properties, businesses, and agricultural properties.
In all independence, he advises you on donations, divisions, successions and joint estate liquidations.
He helps you with management and orientation of your real estate assets.
He assists you in your administrative procedures (wealth tax, tax litigation, expropriation).

Agronomic techniques :
He is in charge of environmental and agricultural processing technique of the farm.
He advises on agronomical risks and new farming methods.
He draws up all kinds of meteorological, phytosanitary disasters reports and other nuisances and pollution.
He helps you at the time of negotiations or litigations.

Leasing agreements :
He guides you in drawing up housing, farm or commercial leases and setting rental values.
He advises owners and tenants at the time of agreement renewals.